Say hello to the future of oral care - and ditch toothpaste for good!


Trying to live a life that doesn’t damage the world around us can be a minefield. With every decision we make - from taking our own reusable bags to the shops, to choosing to cycle rather than drive, to recycling all our packaging and carbon-offsetting our journeys by air, we feel like we’re making a difference, however small.

But sometimes it can feel exhausting. And with the ongoing busyness of our lives, it’s sometimes easier to take the quickest way out - it’s far quicker to drive the car, and less hassle to use a take out coffee cup than remember our keep cup... but one thing we can do is start the day with good intentions.

For many of us, the very first thing we do each day is head to the bathroom and clean our teeth. It’s probably far down on the list of things we think about when considering our environmental footprint.

But did you know that 100 million toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes end up in Aussie landfills and oceans every year? Very few of us think twice about buying our regular brand from the supermarket or chemist, or buying a replacement toothbrush when we’ve reached the recommended three month limit.

In just 4 minutes a day, you can save tonnes of plastic waste and thousands of sea creatures by simply switching from your regular toothpaste to the future of oral care: tooth tabs.

Wait... what are tooth tabs?!

They're just like toothpaste... but better! These solid, chewable bits foam up into a deliciously creamy paste when you brush with a wet toothbrush. Because there's no water like regular toothpaste, there's no need for any preservatives, fillers or harmful chemicals like SLS or Triclosan.

Local brand, EKO Tooth Tabs, have created the first-ever Australian-made tooth tabs on the market. Their powerful yet gentle formulas boast natural and organic raw materials, that effectively sweep away plaque and debris.

Each jar comes with 90 pre-portioned tablets, and when you subscribe, you'll receive compostable refill packs so that you can use your original jar over and over again. Simple choose your flavour, fluoride content and frequency!

Tooth tabs are a fantastic way to get children brushing, too. Instead of smearing messy blue paste across the bathroom sink (Mums... you know what I mean!), they can simply pop a bit into their mouth and begin brushing, knowing they're getting the perfect amount of product every time. 

With regular toothpaste tubes taking between 500 to 700 years to break down into microplastics, founder Chelsea Ovijach knew that the packaging for her product was just as important:

"In February, we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for new dispensers. They’ll be made from 100% ocean waste plastic so that we can not only prevent new plastic from being produced, but clean up existing plastic waste in the process,” says Chelsea.

“I’ve also been working with our manufacturers to create two new flavours which I think children are going to love. After working with children for 5 years, I understand how important it is for us to teach them about sustainability and get them into practising good habits early."

The toothbrushes look gorgeous as well - and their one-of-a-kind design means you only need to replace the head, which can be recycled or composted. Given Australians throw away at least 900 tonnes of toothbrushes every year (that’s based on us only using two each year, which seems pretty conservative), this is a no-brainer. They’ve also introduced plastic-free dental floss, a stainless steel tongue scraper and an organic lip butter to their range, so you can revolutionise your entire oral care routine!

The 2020 outbreak has been, in some ways, good for the environment - we’re flying less and commuting less. But on the other hand, the surge of single-use wipes, sanitisers, take-away cups, face masks and toxic cleaning products is setting us back on the journey we’d progressed. 

Every little helps, and by rethinking your morning teeth cleaning routine, you can be making a huge difference to the planet - in just 4 minutes a day!

“The people who make the biggest difference are the ones who do little things, consistently.”

Want to make the switch? Use the code ‘BRUSHWITHEKO’ for 10% off your first order! 


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