12 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again... time for Secret Santa gifts, huge family get-togethers and a whole lot of presents that you probably could've gone without (we all know the ones... straight into the re-gift pile).

This time of year can be even more difficult for those of us who are trying to reduce our waste - everything's wrapped in mountains of shiny wrapping paper, glittery plastic bows and a truck load of sticky tape. Shops are lined with cheap plastic toys and pre-wrapped gift packs. It can be hard to cut through the crap and find something that won't cost the earth (literally) and that your gift-ee might actually like!

Below are our top twelve picks for eco-friendly gifts that won't break the bank (or the Earth!)


1. Bambu Toilet Paper: $34.00

Say goodbye to supermarket toilet paper that's wrapped in plastic and pumped with bleach (yuck). Bambu has created premium bamboo toilet paper that a) saves trees, b) donates 1% of profits to a different cause each month, and c) makes going to the toilet a blissful experience (trust us).

2. Waterproof Tote Bag: $110.00

We're loving the gorgeous designs by The Friday People which are designed to hold everything you need, whilst still being lightweight and waterproof! It's a great gift for a busy mum or travel-lover - it's sustainable, practical and will last them for years to come.

3. All-Metal Safety Razor: $79.00

Our bathrooms can be absolutely full of plastic waste... nearly everything is single-use or disposable. Enter Leaf Shave - a beautiful, durable, all-metal razor built with a 3-blade pivoting head. The handle will last a lifetime and comes with a packet of blades which you can swap out yourself! 

4. Handmade Soap and Shampoo Bars: From $9.95

There are SO many gorgeous scents, colours, shapes and formulas to choose from, making it the perfect gift for anyone! We love products from The Australian Natural Soap Company - they have shampoo bars for people with oily scalps, gorgeous natural perfumes/colognes and every type of soap you could think of!

5. Stainless Steel Drink Bottle: $29.00

This is the perfect gift for your office Secret Santa or that brother-in-law that's super hard to buy for. It's timeless, practical and won't break the bank! Our favourite is from Seed & Sprout, an Australian e-commerce store with gorgeous eco-friendly products.

6. Plant Growing Kit: $18.00

Don't know what to get your 9-year-old cousin? Start teaching sustainability from the get-go by giving them their very own planter kits! Ethically So sell a range of different kits - the Bee Kit, the Kitchen Kit and the Cocktail Kit (that one might be better suited to your Aunty). Accompany the kit with a pair of their very own gardening gloves and a stainless steel watering can.

7. Period-Proof Underwear: $25.00

Okay hear me out - this is a great gift for anyone with a menstrual cycle, but it's an ideal gift for a sibling or niece who maybe just reached puberty or is about to. Periods can be awkward to talk about and puberty is an uncomfortable time for anyone, but it's time to break the stigma. Modibodi is an Aussie company that sells period, pee and sweat-proof underwear - it's practical, eco-friendly and will give the receiver a huge boost in confidence the next time their period rolls around.

8. Picnic Basket: $89.95

What's better than packing a picnic and going down to the beach or park with your family and friends? This picnic basket is a timeless gift that will keep on giving for years and years - it's designed in Australia, features gorgeous suede handles and is big enough to fit in all your eco-friendly picnic goodies!

9. One-Of-A-Kind Clay Keep Cup: $55.00

Keep cups are a no-brainer for anyone who likes coffee or tea - but there are so many on the market. Sure, you could pick up a cheap one from your nearest $2 store, but why not make it extra-special by getting them something that nobody else will have? Public Holiday is a small Aussie brand that handcrafts one-of-a-kind ceramic keep cups and they are so beautiful, your gift-ee will want to show it off at every cafe in town!

10. Organic Honey and Mead: From $15.00

This honey is hands-down the BEST honey we've ever tried! Justine from Great Southern Mead and Honey handcrafts the products from her beehives, and her range of unique flavours made the perfect stocking filler. Some of her flavoured honey includes Davidson Plum, Bananarama, Fig & Turmeric, Cacao and Rose Petal. Order online or visit their stall at Shire Farmer's Market every Saturday.

11. Recycled Beach Umbrella: $249.00

Aussie company Land and Sand Essentials crafts beautiful beach umbrellas made from recycled plastic bottles. The umbrellas are rust-resistant, have a UPF50+ protection rating and come in a range of gorgeous designs to suit anyone's taste!

12. EKO Welcome Pack: $72.00

We saved the best for last ;) Our Welcome Packs make the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, with everything you need to kickstart your zero-waste journey! They include both flavours of our signature tooth tabs, a bamboo toothbrush, silk dental floss, a stainless steel tongue scraper and our brand new Butter Balm. If they love the tabs, they can subscribe to get their favourite flavour delivered to their door, too!

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